H2O Technologies advanced microcontroller based water management system is a ‘Technical marvel ‘ designed to take care of the complete water management in your premises so that you are completely relived from the water management issue. Saves water, electricity, and most of all you can save time. Suitable for monoblock, submersible, borewell. Well, 1 phase, 3 Phase motor etc.

Once H2O Technologies Micro controller based water level controller device is electrically connected to your pumpset, it performs the following functions automatically:

  1. When overhead Tank is Full Pumpset Switches OFF.
  2. When Water Level drops below pre-set Level in Overhead Tank Pumpset Switches ON
  3. When Water Level Drops drastically in Sump and reaches a level close to suction pipe mouth (Foot Valve) Pumpset Switches OFF
  4. When sufficient water is available in Sump Pumpset Switches ON
  5. If water is not being pumped to the Tank due to any reason Pumpset switches OFF
  6. The Unit Cuts-OFF the Pumpset when there is a Low Voltage (below 170 volts). Thus, protecting Pump from burnout.
  7. Switches off the motor when there is a priming fault (i.e. When water is not being pumped into over head tank due to any reason) DRY RUN.
  8. The Unit re-sets the Pumpset at healthy and safe voltage automatically.
  9. High Voltage Unit Protection.
  10. Short Circute Unit protection.
  11. The Unit also incorporates delay switching action to protect the Pumpset from surge current and surge voltages.
  12. Water Level Indications in the Overhead Tank and Underground Sump
  13. As mentioned all the above functions are automatically performed. Manual interference is absolutely not required.
  14. Manual operation is also possible if and when required by operating the switch in the manual position.

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